Young Whale Helped His Mother To Get Out Of The Shallows (VIDEO)

Young Whale Helped His Mother To Get Out Of The Shallows!

Humpback whale that stranded along the Australian coast was freed after being cub pushed into deeper water, writes the BBC on Saturday.

Female whale was spotted early Wednesday near North Stradbroke Island, about 80 kilometers east of Brisbane. For it soon swam cub that he was pushing as she tail hitting the water would not be grounding.

About 40 minutes later the whale out of shallow water, the BBC reported.

Rangers from the Administration for the Protection of National Parks Queensland arrived on the scene and called in the help of experts from Sea World. But the tide and help cubs have helped to deliver the mother before their arrival.

Kit is grounding and together with the calf swam – said the spokesman of the board.

Whales are this time of year can be seen regularly along the coast of Queensland, where the world bring offspring and begin to raise them before they swim in the waters of Antarctica.

On the video below you can see this brave young whale in action:You may also like:

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