These Dogs Help Their Owner Work Out And It’s AMAZING! (VIDEO)

These Dogs Help Their Owner Work Out And It’s AMAZING!

It is becoming more and more popularly known that if you want to be healthy you need to exercise and work out. It is no longer just watching your diet that is prescribed but a balance of the two.

I know after a long day at the office I always feel better when I do some kind o physical activity during my day. Sometimes this is taking a walk or going for a run.

Getting out and doing something helps to clear your mind and de-stress leaving you feeling healthier and happier. This same principle applies to dog and animals as well.

I know when it rains for a couple days my dog gets very antsy and pent up when we can’t stay at the park as long as usual. That’s really my favorite way to exercise, is walking and hiking with my dog.

There is almost nothing more in the entire world that my dog loves more than going for walks. He sees the leash and is ready to bolt out the door on a new adventure.

While I love walking with my dogs I also like to do other kinds of working out as well and one of those is yoga. Although my dog insisted he had to be on the mat too to “help” me through my video, it was pretty cute though.

Holly and Ace have the same idea to help their owner get the very best work out he can. WATCH below as they join in to add extra resistance to this awesome workout routine!


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