Unusual Animals – This Is Officially The Ugliest Animal In The World! (VIDEO)

In addition to the blobfish unusual appearance of this type of most fish are different in that it does not have any muscle nor the swim bladder, which it practically impossible movement.

How would the public have warned that looks less attractive, not only cute animals like pandas, also deserve protection, the British Association for the Protection of ugly animals in 2013 was organized by the choice of “the ugliest animal in the world.”

In the fierce competition won by fish Psychrolutes marcidus, better known by its English name – “Blobfish”.

Writing about this type smithsonianmag.com states that it is a fish that lives in the Australian and New Zealand waters, at depths ranging from 600 to 1200 meters.

In addition to the unusual appearance of this type of most fish is different in that it does not have any muscle nor the swim bladder. Which it practically impossible navigate and hunt.

 How do you keep? Ipfactly.com writes that it makes lying on the bottom of the open mouth, sucking tiny marine animals by her passing.

Although not edible, even dangerous to humans, as living space shared with the market attractive crabs, “Blobfish” fish often accidentally ends up in fishing nets.

Taking into account that this was why a highly endangered species which are threatened with extinction title “ugliest animals”. We can safely add the title “one of the saddest kind of fish in the world”.You may also like:

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