How To Train Your Dog By Yourself (VIDEO)

How to train your dog by yourself. You taught your dog to come when you call so you are rewarded by a treat every time he did it, and now you are afraid that they will not respond if you do not bribe him? You do not have to worry – dogs are not people

Many owners believe that once your dog with the help of a special treat learn to execute the command, it could not do anything without the biscuits in her hands. But such are the owners of the dog already learned that good things always happen when they are called and there is no reason to worry.

Once you have their trust, your pet will not judge you if you treat in your hand. The prize may not always be the food – sometimes it’s own attention, sometimes tenderness, and sometimes game.

At the beginning it is best to train your dog with the help of cookies, but with time you can safely begin to replace food with something else.

If you have problems with disciplining your dog, the reason is not that your pet always expected a bribe from you, but because they may not understand what you expect from him. You have to make a firm connection between the command and the action you want your dog to do.

When you train your dog, desserts have to use as a reward, not as a motivation. If you call your dog’s name while waving the cake, your pet will come to receive cookies, not because you called him. Well, if you went to a dog when you call, and you then unexpected reward, creating a good relationship between the team and pets behavior.

Do not despair if the dog occasionally not perform the command immediately. Maybe you did not hear because he concentrated on something else. Dogs are easily seduced interesting smells and sounds.

train your dog

In short, never reward a dog for something you should not do, but only for desirable behavior.

As an additional exercise for your pet, you open a small can of dog food and put it in a place to which there can be. The dog will be able to smell the can as this will distract you, but if your pet despite responding to commands, you did a good job.

Pre-select commands that you use for that action, but what do you expect when you say your lover’s name. The dog would never have his name should identify with negative events.

I would rather teach him commands such as ‘spit’ and ‘lies’, but that yelling pet names are trying to achieve interruption of what works. Lover’s name can be a synonym for ‘come’ or simply as a way to draw his attention to herself. Try using a lover’s name more often for good things than bad.

How not to create a false association between the name and the negative things, they go to the park several times during the game, call your dog. The dog also will begin to associate its name with the departure from the park and at the end of the game. That goes for anything else that would be considered poor dog events.

Prizes for each identified command slowly over time partially replace the tenderness and care. Do not worry, your pet will not mind because he knows that you love him!

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