Throw Bones To Your Dog? STOP, URGENT! (VIDEO)

Most respected veterinarians announced very serious warning about throwing bones to your dog.

What would be a dog without a bones? Much healthier dogs, says the British charity PDSA vet.

Although countless generations of our pets nibble delicious bone perceived as a favorite hobby, as well as running the lawn for a stick or barking at the postman, we veterinarians warn that this practice should be discontinued, the British Telegraph.

The reason is very simple – the bones might cause them to kill. The PDSA vets from the association are in practice seen dozens, if not hundreds of dogs who have suffered permanent damage to the digestive tract due to smaller or larger pieces of bone. Many of them died due to complications.

So veterinarian Rebecca Ashman on the subject says:

– We do not recommend that you give your dog bones as treats because our vets on a daily basis looking dogs with digestive problems or blockages due to swallowing a piece or pieces of bone.

To remove them, sometimes it is necessary and operations, and used to damage the digestive system such that no operation can save a dog.

One of the owner of the Telegraph told cocoa is their dog Burtie almost died because of the bone:

– Our experience was awful, we’re never going to forget. Our Burtieju we give the bone a ham that is our friend brought for Christmas just as a treat for a dog.

Burtie this is, clearly, almost immediately ate, but he immediately was bad and we took him to the vet. It was four hours in surgery and in the end had to be put down. I could not believe that someone selling that type of “food” that can kill your dog.

None of the owners would not recommend that dogs give any bone – told the unhappy woman.

Veterinarians also noted that the warning applies to the cooked bones can be equally dangerous for your pets, dogs and cats alike. And some of the manufacturers of dog food are such cases seriously and have stopped selling natural bone for dogs because of the risk to the animals.

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