Even The Squirrels Stoked (VIDEO)

Stoked squirrel. The show ‘Deep Look’ explored the American squirrel (Sciurus niger) and its behavior.

Scientist Mikel Delgado speculated that frustration has a specific function – and it may not only squirrel.

Have you ever tried to open a container in which there is something you love to eat. But you do not succeed at first?

Scientist Mikel Delgado University of California studied the reaction of a squirrel in a similar scenario.

And came to the conclusion that frustration may be formed as an evolutionary biological motivation to solve the problem.

American squirrels (Sciurus niger) have no facial expression regardless of their emotional state. But because their feelings show tail. When you are angry, squirrel tail bristled and began swinging it. This serves to illustrate the greater enemy than they are.

But this telltale tail with squirrel goes a step further, and those waving tail express dissatisfaction. When it somewhat frustrating, wags. The greater the frustration, it is more pronounced shaking.

Mikel Delgado wanted to know whether squirrels benefit from their own impatience, her research indicates that their frustration helps to solve the problem.

Delgado put the nut in a locked box in order with squirrels. Which had previously undisturbed opened earlier containers and found in them a treat caused frustration. The result was the rage, followed by the energetic efforts of opening the box in different ways.

Mikel Delgado speculated that anger and frustration are used to build up the energy needed to solve the problem.

Watch it and enjoy the video about this stoked squirrel:

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