Somebody Steal Their Dog And They Wanted € 15,000 Or They Will “Hang It Up”!

Somebody Steal Their Dog And They Wanted € 15,000 Or They Will “Hang It Up”!

Families stolen dog reported the alleged kidnapper, saying that if he did not pay a ransom to be their lover to hang on to the first tree.

That human evil is evident from the story that comes to us Irish town of Ballybay in which the thieves from the yard Brochert Joy and her family on December 7 stolen German boxer Finn.

To find their pet, his family open a Facebook page: “Bring Home Finn“, through which they offer for your dog prize of 5000 euros.

Until yesterday no one did not answer, and then came the call that it was stated that the Irish Mirror completely shocked.

The voice on the other end, the alleged kidnapper who steal their dog demanded to him by the end of the day pay 15,000 euros or dog will hang on the nearest tree.


“He sounded hysterical and just is urgently asking for money, and I felt terrible because I did not know if it’s a real demand for ransom or somebody’s sick joke,” she told the media Joy Brochert.

He adds that the alleged hijackers trying to calm the dog, telling him that he can immediately pay off $ 5,000. However, he was not listened to, but he insisted three times that amount, to which her family could not agree.

About all they informed the police and continued to search, hoping that the call which they received someone’s sick joke and that they will be in touch with the information on their pet.

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