A Special Circle Of Hell Is Reserved For This Kind Of People!

A special circle of hell is reserved for this kind of people who make terrible things to animals like this one.

Unfortunately, we have to bring you one of those horror stories that we are so terrible and again reminded of the fact that all around us are people, if any at all so we can call who are willing without any reason to hurt another living being. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending, but it’s our little comfort.

The cat that you see in the photograph, and the better you get to know him below, passed such horrors that it almost did not believe and that who do this must be in a special circle of hell.

Cat someone during the summer only from his own reasons decided to pour an unknown acid, which has led to poor animal barely survived.

Passer in California has found an injured cat on his deathbed, and took him to a nearby veterinary hospital, but the story here is no happy ending.

The vet has proved extremely incompetent the cat is given a dose of antibiotics tested by the FIV + and suggested tranquilizer.

His wife fortunately not listen and took the cat in an animal sanctuary Milo’s Sanctuary that he decided to give a new chance for life. They cleaned it up, treat all necessary medications and surgery.

The cat, which they called Sir Thomas Trueheart today is housed in the shelter Lifetime Care where Foster gets the best possible care.

See below for more pics of this poor little cat.

special circle

special circle

special circle

special circle

special circle

special circle

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