How Do Sharks Attack? (VIDEO)

Sharks bring fear into people around the world, as to any other creature does not work.

Their fearsome appearance, size, combined with a hostile, alien environment seems to act as if it came out right from our worst nightmares.

The sudden violence that accompanies a shark attack is a terrifying experience for the victim, or whether the shark actually monsters who like the taste of human flesh?

Why sharks attack?

“Ninety percent or more, shark attacks as the result of mistakes. They assume that something we’re not. “- Gary Adkison, diver.

Although a shark attack may seem mean and brutal, it is important to remember that sharks are not the evil which will be non-stop looking for people who would be attacked. They are animals that serve instincts, like all the others. As predators at the top of the food chain in the oceans, sharks are born to hunt and eat vast quantities of meat.

The shark feeds on other marine animals, mainly fish, sea turtles, whales and sea lions or seals. People are not on her menu. In fact, people do not provide enough meat rich in fat for a shark that needs a lot of energy to run it their lot, muscular body.

If sharks are not interested in eating people, why do they attack us? The first clue can be found in the form in which most attacks occurring. In most cases, a shark bites a victim, remains a matter of seconds (possibly dragging the victim through the water or under the surface), and then leave.

It is very rare that a shark took a few attacks in a row to be fed human sacrifice. Shark just a mistake in the assessment that the man something she normally eats. Once you taste the shark, she realized that it was not its usual food and then let go.

Shark confusion is easier to understand the once počenmo to look at things from their perspective. Many victims of the attack were surfers or people who use the boogie boards. Shark that swims beneath sees rough oval layout with arms and legs hanging and paddling. This is reminiscent of the sea lion (the main prey of a great white shark) or sea turtle (a common food for tiger sharks).

Shark’s sensory system

Attacks are also often occurred when people were fishing with spears in the waters of the ocean. Sharks draw means that sends a dying fish – smell blood in the water and electrical impulses emitted as the fish fights. Sharks register these signals using “Lorencini ampoulla”, a series of “detectors” shark nose underneath the skin.

The vials were sensitive cells electricity which are associated with the surface through small tubes. Once the sharks arrive, becomes irritated and aggressive in the presence of so many foods. Hungry, excited shark can easily replace the men with their usual prey.

There are cases where the shark attacked as a result of aggression, not hunger. Very little is known about their behavior, but it is believed that some species, including the great white dominant behavior in front of other sharks.

This behavior can be expressed “blow” in the nose, or bites that do not harm the shark. Unfortunately, when a shark tries to be dominant over another, these “gentle bites” can cause serious injury.

Sometimes the cause of shark attacks can easily determine – shark responds to human aggression. Some sharks, for example, even-fish that remain on the bottom of the ocean.

For some reason, it gives rise to divers think that’s a good idea to withdraw them by the tail. Irritated sharks have learned that several divers holding hands k ‘itself. For this reason, statistics related to shark attacks is divided into provoked and other attacks.


Anatomy attack

“The matter related to a shark that has lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like dolls. When it comes to get you, do not even live acts. Until bites and not rolled black eyes that turn white … “- Quint,” Jaws “.

There is rarely any warning. Surfer or a swimmer who paddles no idea that would happen. Sometimes the first indication that something is wrong is the fear on the face of a nearby friend. More often, the first sign of a sudden, massive stroke due to the sacrifice of throwing sharks.

Great White are known to attack sea lions with such force that the entire jump out of the water with the victim in the mouth. In “Shark attacks” pregnant lifeguard Don Saumane recalls his experience, which occurred off the coast of Florida in 1993, “Shark me so hard hit that I had the feeling it was a truck. My first thought was that I was finished. “

Surfer Keni Daud was attacked by a great white shark off the coast of Oregon in 1979. He described the attack in his book “Surfing with the great white shark”: “I heard a muffled roar as the massive shark jaws shutter on my back, pressing ironing my breasts … the shark pulled me under the water, but she could not keep me because timber floating … I felt an enormous pressure on my chest and I heard shooting and shooting rib bottom planks. “

The attack occurred as is usual when a great white shark food sea lions from below, by a massive bite and dragging the victim below the surface. Then they allowed incapable victim floating in the water and bleed to death, returning after a meal a few minutes later.

In the case of sharks Dauda did not complete the initial prey for surfboards, but she tried the next 20 seconds. “I felt absolutely helpless, when my whole body is raised above the water and then went right back to the surface.” Recalls Daud.


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