Meet Samson, Absolutely The Biggest Cat In New York (VIDEO)

Meet Samson, absolutely the biggest cat in New York.

With 12.7 kilograms and a whopping 1.2 meters in length, Samson is not just an ordinary big cat, this four Maine Coon is actually the size of a fully grown lynx!

With these statistics, it may be just kidnapped the Guinness World Record for the “largest cat”, as the official record holder Stewie, longer ‘only’ 12 centimeters of Samson, another died in 2013.

This cat proud owner, Jonathan Zurbel, says his furry friend is not threatened no fat, only “healthy firm.”
Maine Coon cat, after all, and are the largest breeds of cats.

“It’s great to play catch, and follows me from room to room just lie down somewhere in the vicinity, just like a dog,” said Zurbel the New York Post.

THESE ARE NOT CATS, these are GIANTS: In addition to these beautiful cats, your could act like a dwarf.

Unlike a dog, this cat, the open water not on a leash. Instead, Zurbel his bushy in pet sized lava puts you in the wheelchair while walking around Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Of course, the couple attracted a lot of attention.

Samson is also receiving a lot of attention on social media, because Jonathan opened Instagram profile exclusively for their cat, which has more than 22,000 followers – because if anything the Internet loves, then it is a cat – although nobody can love Samson as his faithful human guard.

“Samson is very kind and sweet cat who is very well-behaved,” she says of her four-legged friends. “He is the perfect cat.”

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