A New Era Of Research: Unbridled Antarctica (VIDEO)

A new era of research: Unbridled Antarctica. They heard about the wild winds that whipped ice Queen Maud Land.

But a group of hard-core climbers finally received more than expected. In my tent outside rumbling sounds more like an earthquake, but as the wind.

Instinctively wince and suck deeper into the sleeping bag. Even before I met with a terrible wind: his howling at night in the Himalayas or the terrifying roar Patagonian storm. This is worse.

Beneath the Antarctic ice discovered transparent fish

The ground shakes and the next gust of wind rushes toward me. The tent I was tied between two walls in a lifeless wilderness deep in the mountains Voltat in Antarctica. My trio partners have found shelter nearby. Eighty kilometers to the south edge of the polar plateau, vast icy plateau that dominates the interior of the continent.

Geography and gravitational forces here are teaming up to launch a strong katabatic winds – dense waves of cold air rushing mountain ridges formed as a series of avalanches that descend steeply to the sea.

Runs into the next attack. Bars tent bend inward, twisting the fabric over my sleeping bag. For a moment I hear the tearing seams like bursts and suddenly spinning, flying through the air, turned upside down.


I’m still always in a tent, but the wind picked up and tossed on the rough stone wall I built to protect, and then transferred him to the wall. Books, cameras and equipment, dirty socks – all rushing around the tent. Down feathers fluttering from sleeping bags.

Will the melting of the largest glacier in Antarctica cause a significant rise in sea level?

In my neck and shoulders pulsating. Crawling toward rip the tent, grab the fabric and param is to expand the hole. Coarse sand carried by the wind stings my eyes when I pushed her head out of the tent and cry out, “Help!”

Going to Antarctica

Going to Antarctica was the idea of Mother Lubeck. The 40-year-old California surfer alike and furious adventurer. Luebeck is engaged in a dozen first ascents on peaks around the world. A tall, quiet, blond hair streaked with gray, he tirelessly emits positive energy. “I was already there,” he told us about the Queen Maud Land, where you usually frequented only scientists. “I have the keys to the castle.”

This is the first rewrite Freddie Wilkinson

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