They Recorded A Rare Scene With Killer Whales (VIDEO)

Orcas, killer whales are one of the most intelligent aquatic predators they fear even dangerous sharks.

What is it like when you decide to eat orcs?

As we already wrote orcas, killer whales are among the most intelligent aquatic predators.

Excellent swimmers …

Despite the impressive size orcas are strong swimmers and can swim up to 30 kilometers per hour. They feed on other dolphins, penguins, some species of birds, seals, sharks and even whales.

Orcs whole life living in groups, protecting each other. At the head of the group is always the oldest female. In groups and love.

The money helps them recognizable black and white body, with which the underwater mutually recognize. Additionally say that orcas are among the most intelligent animals.… And hunters

For example, during the attack on the gray and humpback whales orcas divided into two groups sacrifice surrounded on all sides, without giving her room to escape.

If he manages to escape a group of chases that can last several hours. Victims during the chase, so that they slowed down the first attempt and usually manage to bite dorsal fin and the tail debilitating strokes.

Adult men killer whales attacked always the first, until the victim is completely surrender.

… But tacticians

Because they are large and heavy, orcas are not agile, but in the hunt for smaller animals such as fish also have a special tactic.

More specifically, to a group of frightened fish Orcs in coordinated action jumps out of the water and the tails strongly hit by its surface. Frightened fish gather in the flock and become easy prey.

Against the Orcs and their four inches long teeth and powerful tails of their victims have no chance. Note that love only adult orcas, and the chicks learn from the older ones. Once catches prey, for example. Seals with the same sometimes play, throwing it into the air.

This is what made the team cameraman in Canada. Keep your eyes open and you will see the moment when Orcs seals ‘catapult’ high into the air. Many will think that is a coincidence or not.

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