Rescued Raccoon Baby Pumpkin Acts Just Like His Dog Siblings (VIDEO)

This is a pumpkin like you have certainly not seen. The pumpkin is the name of one small raccoon who thinks she’s a dog.

In addition, it is the star of Instagram and has more than 74,000 Follower. The Chamber found in the home of Laura and William Young, a pair of city of Nassau in the Bahamas. Sweet little thing was rescued in 2014 when as a one-month baby fell from the tree and not able to return to the hideout.

‘After her mother did not come back for her, we took it to him and started to take care of her. She had a broken leg, we first took her to the vet, “they told her hosts.

Meanwhile Pumpkin made friends with their dogs, and Toffee Ore.

‘She thinks that dogs are her mother, “said Young. “He listens to them when she let you know that they’re tired of the game and loves to cuddle with them. With Ore befriended the same time, and with Toffee something later. Now the super agree! ‘

Your beloved pet Pumpkin her hosts described as very intelligent, funny and sometimes a little daring. Also, all of which is such a lovable pet, advise addoption raccoons because it is still a wild animal.

‘S h e  f o u n d  h e r  w a y  i n t o  o u r  h o m e,  t a k i n g  c a r e  o f  h e r  a n d  g e t  a l l  t h e  v a c c i n e s. But there is a wild animal and for her it would be best that he remain in its natural environment.

The adventures of small Thill Pumpkin can be followed on her Instagram account.




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