Learn How To Properly Pick Up And Hold A Cat (VIDEO)

Surely you many times alone raised their cat or seen someone do it.

Well, we all do it in different ways – either by raising the skin behind the door, or we will raise them as babies, or the capture of the central part of the hull which children especially love. In addition, not all cats love hugs and lifting the arms.

For starters, keep in mind that not all cats love to hold you in my arms, even if you enjoy a pat.

Therefore, be sure before you decide to take in hand, to see how the mood to body language – if it has lowered tail and dropped ears, certainly not asking for pampering.

Walk up to her and let her slowly stroking the first to get used to your smell, especially if you are not a cat with which you live. If in the mood for pampering, grasp it with one hand between the front legs so that she include in the chest. With the other hand gently grasp both hind legs and lift so with both hands.

“The more parts of the body touching your cat, this cat will feel safer and more comfortable,” says Mikkel Becker, an expert on the behavior of cats.

Never raise a cat in the neck or holding the front legs because it except embarrassment can also cause injury. In general, cats do not like to be in positions in which they have no control or space to escape and may become anxious and frightened.

If you see that it is relaxed or even purring, feel free to proceed with petting and hugs, and to embrace it, you can get used to and rewards – delicacies. It will already make it clear when she was done. 🙂

And finally, yes three thirty minute irresistible cats that love to hug my people!

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