Precious and useful hedgehogs, when you can find them in your yard you can sleep peacefully

It is the season of small hedgehogs, well there is a campaign to raise awareness of citizens, especially of all drivers because at this time of the year the families of hedgehogs are common in our environment but also on our roads.

Hedgehogs are very expensive and useful animals. Do you have them as regular visitors in the garden will release you from snails, snake eggs, larvae of various insects and other predators that may harm your garden. When you ride in the yard, you do not have to use so many pesticides and insecticides.

Urchins belong to the family of mammals and there are 25 different kinds. The order Insectivora (insectivores), making them very gardeners prefer.

In colder regions hedgehogs hibernate, and in the spring female hedgehog litters 4-5 cubs. Hedgehog’s spines are actually hardened hair, and cubs are born with soft spines that later become a solid and effective protection.

Hedgehogs are often victims under the wheels of the car, then poisoning rat poison, and they may eat larger animals. But little hedgehog is brave animals is necessary ruse that would be won. When in danger, the hedgehog rolled into a small ball of barbed and thus defend itself from predators. However, the foxes have a cure for Ježevo defense. Urinate after hedgehogs, which is why they open from the curled position and reveal soft, vulnerable abdomen.

If you find a small hedgehog who lost his mother, you can try to feed and return back to nature. But before you pick it up, be sure to wash them first because they are small hedgehogs are very sensitive to some bacteria can have on the palms. Baby hedgehog should keep warm hot water bottle or electric heating element, and if it is very small in the beginning you will feed him lukewarm milk so that a piece of cloth dipped into milk and giving him to suck or keep using the plastic syringe. When a little stronger, you can offer him a salad, an apple, and even insects.

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