What Your Pets Tells About You: The Real Truth About The Owners Of Dogs And Cats

What Your Pets Tells About You: The Reality About The Owners Of Dogs And Cats.

The rivalry between the owners of cats and dogs is long and shows no signs of slackening. On the occasion of the International Day of cats on Monday, the world’s biggest social network Facebook announced the details of who fought on the side of cats, and who’s on the dogs, writes The Guardian.

Based on 160,000 users from the United States that publish photos cats or dogs, Facebook announced characteristics of both and to judge by the figures, the conflict between these two warring camps will not falter.

One of the key data that the research has confirmed that it is more likely that the owners of cats to be males. Only 24 percent of people who have allowed the single, as opposed to 30 percent of people having cats.

However, the old stereotype of the spinster with cats is a myth. Gender and age at singles showed that neither men nor women have a monopoly on single life.

People with dogs have proved to be very popular on the social network because they have more actual link with other people.

At the same time, people with cats are more appealing for social events, which is perhaps an indication that their friends are aware that they must often out of the house.

Mackoljupci not only astute when it comes to choosing your friends, they’re doing and the series and films.

People with cats showed a tendency to books such as comic book Watchmen, ‘1984.’ George Orwell, ‘The Hobbit’ J.R.R. Tolkien and ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll.

On the other hand, people with dogs prefer something easier to read, such as romance novels “The Notebook” and “Dear John by Nicholas Sparks and autobiographical work ‘Marley & Me’ journalist John Grogan.

When it comes to movies, mackoljupci choose classics like ‘A Clockwork Orange’ Stanley Kubrick ‘Trainspotting’ Danny Boyle and ‘Alien’ Ridley Scott.

Dog Lovers on the other hand see romantic comedies made the books by Nicholas Sparks and ‘Hangover’ Todd Phillips and the ‘pretty woman’ Garry Marshall.

“People with cats disproportionately prefer science fiction, fantasy, and people with dogs show greater affection love stories’, stands in the publication on Facebook’s blog.

When talking about the emotions that relate to their posts, cat lovers show a wider range of emotions. They are tired, nervous, sad or irritable, but also happy and, intrigued and loved. People with dogs showed a smaller range of emotions and are more likely to show excitement and pride.

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