This Is What Is Hiding Behind The Amazing Scenery In New Zealand Caves (VIDEO)

This Is What Is Hiding Behind The Amazing Scenery In New Zealand Caves.

For this beautiful scene in the Waitomo New Zealand caves are responsible insects that use light sticky threads to catch their prey.

Thousands of blue lights flashing like stars in the sky and attract many tourists, but many are surprised to learn what really lies behind this amazing scene.

Janek von Byern zoologist at the University of Vienna in Austria studied mucous secretion secreted by these unusual creatures, and he and his colleagues spent months in dark caves.

These animals are glowing worms belonging to the Arachnocampa luminosa: name arachno they get for their silky kind of traps used and spiders, a name luminosa because they shine.

When the larvae out of the egg, it along the ceiling and walls of the caves own silk long and up to 0.3 m. Then on them from mouth to expel the mucus that forms into balls.

It due to its special structure absorbs water from moist environment and is expanding. This adhesive comprises 99% water and mucus consists of proteins, salts and urea.

In order to attract his victim, glowing worm illuminates its network of reflective balls by hoped his shining tail, and then checks whether the water flower who might stick to them.

“They pull even, then eat them, and they again dragged until they reach the prey,” Dr. Von Byern. Each thread can support the weight of 3 water flower until it bursts.

Scientists have collected thousands of threads and have tested them with items of equipment that are consumed and stood at the cave. Tests have been carried out inside because when they were not even out, balls have disappeared due to changes in the amount of moisture in the atmosphere.

Dr. Von Byern discovered that beads disappear when the humidity is less than 80%. And without their sticky network, glowing worms are starving.

With the arrival of tourists, the temperature in the caves began to change and the moisture is reduced. Once the humidity in the caves changed so much that the worms disappeared and did not show up for half a century. Today in some caves there are doors that close automatically and prevent the entry or exit until the humidity has normalized.


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