Former Millionaire Spent His Money Rescuing Dogs For One Heartbreaking Reason

Former millionaire spent his money rescuing dogs for one heartbreaking reason.

Most of us spend untold hours dreaming of having millions, and how we’d go about spending all that cash. For some, it would be spent on vacation homes all over the world. For others, maybe the fanciest car on the lot.

But, some of us would rather spend an excess of money in more meaningful ways. Putting your expendable income toward helping others instead rather than acquiring material goods is undeniably a noble choice. And, more people than you might think would spend it that way.

In the case of Wang Yan, a wealthy 29-year-old man from China, he knew there was something far more worthwhile than luxuries that his money could be spent on. Though, he didn’t realize that until a search for his missing pet dog changed his priorities…and the amount of dollars in his bank account.

After his own dog went missing in 2012, Wang Yan — who once had a net worth of several million yuan and was the proprietor of an iron and steel factory — went to a dog slaughterhouse to search for his pet. Though he never found his dog, what he discovered there profoundly changed him.

In the face of such bloodshed and cruelty, Wang Yan made a decision that would alter the course of many lives, his own included: he was going to adopt those dogs. Not just a few of them, but each and every one.

Using his wealth, Wang purchased all of the dogs in the slaughterhouse and the slaughterhouse itself. Next, he turned an old steel mill into a shelter for the dogs. Suddenly, he’d lost nearly all of his fortune.

“Right now, we only have 215 dogs,” Wang said. “The most we’ve had at one time is 1,000, many of them have been adopted.” That number is amazing! So many of the dogs have been lucky enough to find loving homes!

But, all these good deeds came with a hefty financial sacrifice. The effort to save all of these dogs has put him in serious debt — he’s spent over $450,000 of his own money — but he still doesn’t want any financial help.

Instead, Wang prefers food donations and supplies. Since he would just use the money to buy these things anyway, he figures he can save time and resources by cutting out the middle man. “I only hope that kind-hearted people will be able to donate a few supplies to help build a home for these 200 dogs.”

Even though he’s lost most of his money, Wang regrets nothing. He spent it on what was important to him, and that’s all that mattered in the end. And you can bet all of those dogs are pretty thankful for him, as well!

It takes a special person to give everything they have to others. If angels exist, they probably look a lot like this man. Visit the International Humane Society to learn more about the dog meat trade and how you can help end this cruelty.

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