Meet The Most Sympathetic Sea Creature Of The World (VIDEO)

Meet the most sympathetic sea creature of the World. This cute creature with bright eyes, looks like a character from the cartoon, was observed by underwater rover attached to the research vessel “E / V  N A U T I L U S” on the coast of California. It observed at a depth of about 900 meters.

Biologists have identified as “Rossia pacifica” – a kind of squid. This looks like squid and octopus and squid, but in fact is much more closely related to cuttlefish.

They have a rounder body of cuttlefish and have solid internal structure.

They had the same number of tentacles as cuttlefish – although eight of them are suckers, and two longer to capture prey.

Beautiful purple color is partly due to biolumiiscentnite bacteria that inhabited it body.

You should meet these animals most of his life spend the seabed. When you do not want to be very exposed, they produce a kind of adhesive coating and burrow into the sediment to camouflage and only their huge eyes “peep” from the sand, looking for prey.

They can live at various locations and are recorded in areas of the North Pacific, from Japan and to South California, usually at a depth of about 300 meters. Researchers from the “M o n t e r e y  B a y  A q u a r i u m  R e s e a r c h  I n s t i t u t e (M B A R I)” claim to have seen such a squid at a depth of 1,300 meters.

Research missions “E / V  N a u t i l u s” can follow and live via their website.

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