How To Prepare Boilies By Yourself (VIDEO)

Dear friends and fans of fishing, primarily carp, you probably have often wondered how to make your own homemade boilies. Many times you just finished his intention thought, actually thinking that this is complicated and that it not up to it. In this series we will present and demonstrate exactly how you can make your own boilies. Admittedly, there is shown a little more advanced mode of production, from mixing, through the making of sausage dough obtained from such a mix of using air gun and a compressor to the machine rolling boil. However, all this could be used in the fully home conditions, hand roller and manual machine to extract sausage dough. Of course, this advanced technique allows the creation of much larger amounts of boilies for a short time. And that is the only advantage over a fully handmade and manually creating and rolling boil.

The video that you can see is actually a demonstration and selfless display of technique and technology of making boilies by the founder and executive director of SBS Baits’s Zoltan Kovacs. So, logically this occasion will be used preparations of company SBS Baits of mixes through attractants, an amino acid, n-butyric acid, sweeteners, stimulators and everything else that is part of the recipe for making boil, because only the sky is the limit in combining ingredients and components.


The three basic types of boilies as fruit, milk and meat bait that are directly caused by the mix we use in combination with aroma. Boilie which we show here are actually binary and contain two different mixes. 1.5 kg M1 mix with a bitter taste and 1.5 kg Seed Cream flavored caramel. Of this gets 4 Kg boilies.

Here is what is more, in addition to the aforesaid mixes, it is necessary to obtain these boilies.

They are also all the products (in this case) of company SBS Baits, 1.5 Kg of a mix and the same need for a second mix.

30 eggs (12 to 1.5 Kg Seed Cream MIX and 18 to 1.5 Kg MIX M1-a)
12 ml of M3 Premium Liquid Attract
4.5 ml High Taste Liquid Sweetener
8 drops of N-butyric acid
40 ml Attractamino
1.5 tablespoons Betaine HCl
3 tablespoons The Edge Extract
1.5 tsp Savoury

Here’s how it looks in practice.

This is followed by incorporating a mixture of both, placing the gun in the air, sausage dough, rolling boil and cooking the same. See how it looks.

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