Are The Kids And Dogs The Perfect Combination?

Do you agree that kids can be like friends with dogs, depends largely on whether the parents are really prepared for this combination. Adults are persons actually responsible for the welfare of animals which hosted projects as well as for the safety of their children and other people in contact with the pet. Therefore, before purchasing a dog should be well informed about how to take care of it and how to learn the house rules and good behavior

Dogs and children are the perfect combination, is not it? Is there a more beautiful sight than a child who embraces sweet retriever or in her arms holding a puppy?

And in our parks can often see children who walk their dogs or pinch them and bring them in the face as quadrupeds that stoic. Children, no doubt, fun, but the question is how dogs actually perceive children. Experience suggests that most dogs are greatly aware of the fact that children are human cubs.

Namely, in the dog world, the puppies is protected and no adult dog who keeps to himself will not attack nor hurt puppy. Therefore, most dogs tend to tolerate children but myths about how the dogs and the children almost on each other does not necessarily hold the water.

Yes, many children love dogs and animals fascinate them more than many adults. The reasons are not entirely clear. Maybe it’s just the fact that children are not as burdened with daily duties and spontaneous reactions and are closer to primal behavior.

A lot of kids want a dog, but movies like ‘Lassie Come Home‘ or ‘Beethoven‘ in this sense does not favor parents who themselves are not dog lovers. Many children want and love dogs and sometimes this interest is really deep. However, buying a dog as a gift for a child is not necessarily a good idea. First of all, the child is not able to bear the responsibility for another living being to the extent that the dog to be, and should be taken into account and the fact that the life of your child in the years to come largely changed, it will grow, educate yourself, change interests and hang out, and it is likely that interest in socializing with the dog subsides or entirely disappears.

kids dogs

Remember, a dog can live for fifteen years and therefore, if you yourself are not a dog lover or you are not ready to become not think of a dog as a gift for your child. If true fan will be time to prove it, but if it is only the childlike stage in growing up, you will spare yourself and your child (and the dog not to speak) superfluous problems and suffering. However, if you are willing to take care of the dog take a good deal of responsibility to your child with your dog could have a lot of good things to experience and learn. First of all, at least to some extent the impression which means to care for another creature and also at a closer to the natural being of a different perception of the world. Many walk and excursions in nature and could be for you and for your offspring to be more useful and fun way to spend from playground in shopping malls. Of course, the dog will actually be yours, but you will know you and him. Your child does not have a total picture.

In order to socialize your dog and child comfortable and beautiful flowing, to keep in mind a few things. Teach kids to chase and pulling a dog by the hair and ears are not allowed anywhere near as entertaining short people, just like the tight embrace. In fact, for people hugging expression of affection, but in the dog world it (for obvious reasons) and there is a dog when it is embraced, feels that it is in Dutch and if the more timid or fierce nature, could react growl and even bite.

Also, teach your kids to not mind pet while eating. Although it is considered that the dog should not be possessive when it comes to food (which is true), there is no reason to be disturbed while eating and so is testing his tolerance. No you would not like it if someone grabbing food from the plate, right?

A child at the age of 12 can be a small dog to walk on a leash but not much more than that. For serious engagement dogs without parental supervision, it would be responsible to wait for a child the age of majority. Walks in their teens, clearly, are completely wrong but the teenager is not able to completely self-trained dog.

Small kids can not be left alone with dogs. Preschool children it is difficult to explain how to treat the dog and it is safe to keep this friendship under control.

If you decide not to purchase a dog, there is no reason to hinder your offspring to having fun with the dogs of friends and acquaintances, and then apply similar rules. When accessing the dogs strangers in parks, but it often happens, teach your child to always ask for permission of the owner, but it is best to be in your presence. In addition, a dog does not approach with outstretched palm from above and even some not offering the palm of the ridge up. Both procedures in many dogs actually cause suspicion. It’s safer and more correct to offer open palm and wait for the dog I make contact, and then smooth out at first on the neck and chest from the bottom, and then the head.

All this may sound complex, but actually it is only a few healthy habits that testify to the children and dogs are not necessarily the perfect combination, but may, with the proper attitude of adults actually get along.

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