Meet Karl: The Therapy Dog That Helps Kids Stand Up to Their Abusers (VIDEO)

The Therapy Dog That Helps Kids Stand Up to Their Abusers. Testifying against abuse is, for the victims, a grueling ordeal that not only pits them against their assailant but reopens old wounds for the sake of justice. That’s where this therapy dog comes in!

Karl the therapy dog helps children through this is a difficult state in which ancient terrors are rehashed and bygone offense disinterred. Over the years, therapists and abuse counselors have been searching for the key component that will make this trial a bit less harrowing.

One of the many, many, many tools psychologists have seen fit to introduce is the idea of therapy animals. Animals that rage, from fuzzy pussy-cats, to valiant horses.

One such creature, the therapy dog, has been making ground breaking achievements with military veterans and autistic children. They help, those less fortunate, to cope with the difficulties the mental scars have left and better each day.

Karl is a court-appointed therapy dog. He is one of this wholesome creatures that the system has seen fit to employ in challenging situations.

Karl mainly works with kids. Children who have been physically and emotionally harassed, and due to their torturous conditions, are now in a fragile state.

Karl is there to help each of these cherubs out as they enter the courtroom, make their way up to the stand and stand face-to-face with the monster that robbed them of their innocence and childhood. Watch the video below and how it happens.

It’s amazing how dogs are so tightly integrated into our lives. They can comfort people in almost every situation, even in the courtroom.


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