Like A Dream: Take A Peek Into The Longest Cave In Lebanon (VIDEO)

Jeita cave consists of two separate but interconnected caves, almost 9 kilometers long, making it the longest cave in the Middle East.

In the tunnels and galleries of famous people from the Old Stone Age, the water over thousands of years of action created the most beautiful cave in the world.

jeita cave

Nestled in the Nahr al – Kalb valley inside the eponymous location, 18 kilometers north of the Lebanese capital Beirut, the cave became known in the West as it met an American hunter in 1863.

Originally open to the public in 1958, and shortly thereafter became internationally known for spectacular formations stalactites and stalagmites, stone curtains and poles.

When re-opened in 1995, the cave attracted up to 10,000 visitors a week.

jeita cave

Evidence shows that prehistoric man inhabited this cave, and that people used these places used to produce swords.

Cave continue to serve the people, and besides yielding revenues from tourism, and through her flowing rivers that supply drinking water of millions of people in the surrounding villages and towns.

J E I T A  today is a symbol of L E B A N O N as well as the top tourist destination that plays an important social, economic and cultural role in the country and was also a finalist in the selection of new 7 wonders of nature, which broke into the top 14 locations.

On the video below you can see all of that natural beauties of this gorgeous Jeita cave.

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