How To Take A Health Care Of The Bees Hives (VIDEO)

Some causes of bee diseases, as nozemoza, American foulbrood and chalk bed in unsuitable living conditions or because of improper drug use, create spores. Spores are very resistant for years can preserve ability on favorable terms to pass in vegetative-active shape to amplify and cause disease.

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So far not found any drug that acts on the spores. Spores are found everywhere bees on honeycomb, frame, pollen, hive, honey, and the hands of the beekeeper and its surroundings. It is recognized that in a cell with larvae lost of American foulbrood has 2.5 billion spores, and in one gram of copper from an infected hive sufferers of American foulbrood has 4.5 million spores.

Such honey is dangerous to bees but fortunately, is not dangerous for humans, because they suffer from bee diseases.

Spores are transmitted by robbery, when bees stray abroad baskets by adding honeycomb and bee pollen from infected families by tools, hands-on beekeeper and population of bees in infected-un disinfected basket.

In bee colonies are known to be important factors as: biopower and strength of the bee colony, the structure of bees inside the hive, type of bees, the queen quality, quantity and quality of food and environmental conditions. Formation of a disease it is important to know whether the royal family was attacked and weakened by another disease caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi greatly have reduced defense mechanism of the family.

Some species of bees over time developed defense mechanisms. For example, the Indian bee alone has the ability to clean the lime or the bees themselves cleared from the challenger. Specifically, it is noted that bee it “nibbling” Varro, and snap legs and antennae, and it kills.

Some other bees has been reported that worker bees before leaving the bed and thereby prevent the development of varoozata (not enough time development).

Another mechanism for the defense of bees from certain diseases is “the urge to clean,” etc. sanitary hygienic behavior of bees. This drive is transmitted from generation to generation, and the reason for this are two genes that are transmitted with this trait. one gene causes the opening of cells with sick or dead bed and one gene regulates the cleaning basket and cells.

Knowing all these defense mechanisms in bees, beekeepers have a selection to get bees that are physiologically and biologically capable of defending itself against diseases and pests. This will reduce the use of drugs.

Because medicines leave residues in bee products at the forefront in the fight against diseases using preventive measures, environmentally friendly and biologically suitable drugs or drugs of natural origin that bees are used throughout its evolution.

On the video below you can see a few examples for health care of bees.


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