How To Take A Health Care Of The Bees Hives (VIDEO)

For healthy honeybee family we should take health care of bees across the year. The honeybee is exposed to attacks from many diseases, parasites and pests leading to diminished production, and sometimes the loss of the royal family.

One of the greatest scientists in the field of beekeeping, Farrar, formulated five “golden rules” for successful beekeeping and one of them requires healthy beehives.

To avoid damages caused by diseases of bees, beekeepers operate different apitehnichki and biotech measures have to be involved in the everyday technology of beekeeping, and then to approach treatment with chemicals and antibiotics.

Health care of diseases requires the beekeeper will have the knowledge and know practically applied. Modern treatment of disease is performed in two ways:

Using natural substances for healing, Use only the prescribed drugs, with instructions for dosage, route of administration, time and duration of treatment.

The warning and treatment of diseases of bees primarily performed by animal health care and preventive measures. It very well aware of that and our predecessors and one is other wise saying “better to prevent than cure.”

Prevention of diseases of bees is mostly involved in routine apitechnika. Purchasing of bee colonies, swarms and queens should be made only from healthy families.

health care

Good basket, spacious, without cracks, with good ventilation which allows cleaning this is a necessary condition in the prevention of diseases. That means good honeycomb which should be replaced every three years?. Convenient place to stay is what it is sunny, dry, protected from winds and is away from the high electrical voltage.

The basket should be built from the ground 30-40 cm, the trough has its good and bad sides, so you should use running water, if possible. The apiary should be peace and not to disturb the bees. Winter supplies should consist of 15 to 18 kg of honey with adequate quality, so the honey and pollen do not change.

The first and second spring review should be short, but very informative. The baskets should not be opened without the need because you can cause disturbance of the bees and thereby reduce the yield of the royal family. Professor Lebedev has determined that this cause can reduce the yield of honey and wax up to 42%.

Health care with use of drugs, drugs for chemotherapy and antibiotics, despite the good sides and bad sides, such as the occurrence of residues in honey, pollen and wax and creating resistance to germs applied drugs.

The occurrence of residues mostly depends on the application of the drug. By all rules, there must be no trace of medicinal or other foreign substances in the products of bees because they can cause allergies in humans, and even anaphylactic shock that can be very dangerous, and sometimes deadly.

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