Gorgeous Ohrids Lake Seagulls And Swans Feeding Time (VIDEO)

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Gorgeous Ohrids Lake Seagulls And Swans Feeding Time.

The pearl of Macedonia, protected by the UNESCO as a special nature beauty, the Ohrid – Lake is more wonderful than ever.

Especially, the most beautiful of all, are the doves that enrich the picture of this lake unique and very attractive.


They live and exist around, and in the Ohrid – Lake. Sometimes they form a very interesting circles and they sound very sad, but at the same time they make the picture of the lake so wonderful that cannot be compared to anything else.

The people who are having a walk by the Lake enjoy the scenes the doves’ act. Particularly this winter they were extremely attractive. Even the dog that was passing by, noticed them, and as never before, it felt happiness , enjoying and liking their company.


The strong cold and the very, even frozen water were not the obstacles to the lovely seagulls and swans to attract people’s attentions and their wishes even to take some pictures with them.

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