The Giant Anaconda In Brazil: Is This The Largest Known Snake? (VIDEO)

The footage of a giant anaconda, which the workers at the Brazilian defending Belo Monte out of the cave. That is bothered by the construction works, spread the Internet at lightning speed.

The footage shows the alleged largest anaconda ever caught and measured, weighing about 400 kilograms and is about 10 meters long. With a diameter of about one meter hull, appeared today on the Internet. Although it was taken earlier this year, world media report.

The giant snake was discovered after workers tried to remove explosives cave that is bothered by construction wars. When they split up smoke and dust from the explosion, workers who cleaned destroyed cave remained in shock seeing the monster that is hiding in it.

The dead snake was pulled out of the cave, and the workers are then lifted by crane in order to better show its incredible dimensions.

The footage huge dead anaconda reacted with anger animal lovers who condemned the procedure of workers saying that they should let the snake that lives on in nature. But it remains unclear whether the snake died in the blast and was killed later.

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