Ghost Shark For The First Time Was Recorded In The Deep Sea (VIDEO)

Ghost Shark For The First Time Was Recorded In The Deep Sea.

It was recorded at a depth of about two thousand meters and to a robotic submarine.

US scientists have found so far unseen mysterious shark. While filming the depths of the Pacific Ocean along the coast of California and Hawaii with recorded shark spirit, also known by the name chimaera.

The entire species is known for having the genitals on the head and do not have teeth, but only bone formation like beaks within the jaw. Scientists from the research center Monterey Bay Aquarium sent a robotic submarine at a depth of about 2,000 meters when they managed to capture this ghost shark.

Chimaera are usually close relatives of sharks and rays, or their particulars give them the appearance of poorly sewn dolls. Their specialty is by far the largest Extendable genitals on the head.

Dave Ebert, director of the Research Center of sharks in the Pacific, told National Geographic that the discovery was completely crazy luck. This recording was created in 2009, but researchers needed a few years to verify that it is really a kind known as šiljonosa blue chimaera.

Scientific called Hydrolagus trolls, this type usually located along the coast of Australia and New Zealand and so far had not once taken in their natural environment. Scientists believe that this is the first time that a chimaera seen in the northern hemisphere.

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