It Was Discovered A New Species Of Octopus And It Look Like A Ghost (VIDEO)

It was discovered a new species of octopus and it look like a ghost (ghost octopus).

Oceans are one of the least explored and most mysterious places on our earth. So far about 95% of the seafloor is unexplored, so we are left only to imagine that anything can be down there.

That is slowly changing, thanks to advances in technology and the development of rovers that can go deeper.

On February 27, the research ship “Okeanos Explorer” of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has completed its first mission in 2016.

Which included a research area in the Hawaiian Archipelago to collect information on the seabed between the island of Necker and marine reef Necker.

But the mission was hampered by the emergence of small, cute octopus like ghost and perhaps a whole new look.

ghost octopus

The researchers recorded the octopus using a remote-controlled vehicle that was to collect samples from the seabed at about 4.290 meters below the surface. This is also the maximum depth which is observed this type of mollusk.

Scientists believe that it is a new species, and perhaps entirely new genus, because this octopus will chromatophores – pigment cells that are characteristic of most cephalopods and it seems that is not very developed. Because of its appearance, social media have emerged numerous comments that propose to appoint Kasper, as the friendly ghost cartoon. This very cute ghost octopus you can see on the video below.

<== F R I E N D L Y   G H O S T   O C T O P U S ==>

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