More Than 100 Ill-Treated Horses Put Down After Being Found In Appalling Conditions

More than 100 ill horses get treated put down after being found in appalling conditions.

Welfare charities acting on a tip off swooped on a farm and found “a hugely upsetting” scene of sick and injured beasts – 300 more were moved to safety.

More than 100 ill horses get treated had to be put down and 300 more moved to safety after they were found in appalling conditions.

Animal welfare charities acting on a tip-off swooped on a farm and found “a hugely upsetting” scene of sick and injured beasts.

Sheep, geese and dogs were also taken away, from the site in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales.

Jerry Watkins, of Horseworld, which helped in the rescue operation, said: “Not all of the horses counted in the field pulled through and over 100 equines had to be put to sleep.

“This decision was not taken lightly, but it became clear as the team assessed each horse individually that a number of the horses were in such a state of suffering that there was only one option for them.

“I am incredibly proud of HorseWorld and that we were able to support the other organisations involved.

“This situation is evidence that the equine crisis is worsening and could get worse as we go into what is predicted to be a very harsh winter.

“This is the most awful welfare situation I have faced due to the number of horses and resources involved.”

The RSPCA said it was a “tragic situation that was hugely upsetting”.

A spokeswoman for the charity said it was an ongoing animal welfare investigation and they could not provide further information.

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