Fishing Carp on River, techniques and tips

Fishing carp on river, techniques and tips. Partially agrees with the experienced colleagues that one human life is too short to be figured out all the river carp – savage. Persistence, going out on the water, theory, etc. .. can all speed up, but if everything is properly accessing ..

Long gone are the times when the fish was more, fewer fishermen, and the very infrastructure of the river is changed, mostly our fault exploitation of gravel, various types of waste that are discharged into the river, etc ..
For each carp catcher on the river means a lot because it can not be compared with commercial catches in the various lakes where fish is abundant and always there somewhere.
The river is a challenge and there is proof they experienced, the river is also a measure of the quality of baits, accessories and finally knowledge fisherman who opt for this adventure.
Old fishermen and fishermen will say that it is important for a long time a certain place and supplemental feeding carp here.
This type of thinking is partly true, but when it comes to smaller specimens of this fish.
In order to catch big fish, it takes a lot more knowledge, perseverance, sacrifice etc .. but in the end we can say the test itself, about this we will in more detail below.

Every fish over 10kg is a remarkable

In the beginning before you dive into this topic, it is important to note that the fishing carp, should be on the river, canal lake etc .. requires a lot of money and not at all flashy.
Do not get me wrong that you now need a few thousand euros, but requires a bit more money when compared with other types of fishing.
I like to say, each stretching as far as the debt is about everything and thus the fishing.
Accessories and equipment:
Personally I’m not for outrageous behavior and do not suffer from some extremely expensive rods, reels, etc .. Me personally is the more important that equipment and bait to hunt that are of good quality, not that we take the first place in order to be praised in front of others with their equipment etc ..
My goal is a big fish, but not greasy stick or roll.
It is certainly a pleasure to hunt with good equipment because a lot of assisting fisherman, but one who knows how to use it!
Many times I was going to come to some water, and colleagues begin to bother me with boasting of their equipment, and I would listen carefully, and then kicked the pictures and video clips of their catch.
So in just a few minutes of his equipment is not worth anything because it is not utilized properly.
I’m not saying that is bad, but FREE accordion menu of KEMIS when I do not know as he used.
Kemis can take the children accordion and fascinate you technique and gig!
I think you’ve had enough of this clearer.
As for the equipment it must be solid quality because there are many factors why this should be so.
Back many years, and even today many anglers fish lose their capital precisely because they do not have adequate equipment and knowledge!
If you are on a stick lose track then you wasted a good roll and the best carp nylon etc ..
When you lose a successful drill fish in 80% of cases.
Let’s important that all fit and have solid equipment because the telescopic fishing, some full of old sticks futile and only you may hinder the fishing of wild carp, but also applies to the pond.
The thickness of nylon depends on the conditions and many other things.
Total failure to use strong stick across 3,5lb and have nylon 0.20mm while the obranoj situation with a stick of 2,5-2,75lb can be very deadly.
All over 3.0lb requires something stronger nylon, possibly a little more elastic because we have reduced depreciation on a stick while those below 3.0lb are all Mexican so can use something kruce nylons and thinner, which is one of the advantages.

Amurs are frequent guests

Personally, I never use plastic sheeting over 0.40mm, and this statement many old fishermen out a gasp and wonder.
I think you understand why I fish on those below 0.40mm.
My choice is the most frequent 0,30-0,35mm, but good quality nylon and have to have at least 300 meters on the spool because I had a situation when the big fish get away during the fighting and after 150 meters of nylon.
Roll with freewheel is also desirable because they are taking a wild carp by the unwritten rule is particularly aggressive and can easily reach losing blends, nylon cracking etc ..
If you hunt near the stumps and branches just their free play, set on a little bit harder.
Dril you sure must be properly set, and the brake is one of the main things when fatigue fish.
Hooks must be something stronger than usual because if the thinner comes to tearing wrinkles and your fish is free.
Also, remember that with thick not to force the fish!
Mounting the best with the least swivels and swivel to minimize tampering.
I personally fish the hair and showed me the excellent River.
For a longer period of carp, grass carp and for something less.
Weight and shape of carp lead depends on the terrain on which you hunt, but 80-100gr in most cases can not finish the job.
Locating and finding fish:
River carp are great nomads of the freshwater of the world who are looking for food or for suitable spawning grounds willing to travel long distances.
Simply put a day may travel by a few dozen kilometers!
This roughly means that you should better nutrition and bait will not bring good results if you choose a bad position – spot what is and is more likely to occur on the rivers.
The reconnaissance of the river flow is the basic condition to finding carp and far better option to spend more time looking for fish, but impatiently borne off according nutrition in a place where you never saw important fish activity.

fishing carp

Places for fishing carp

Positions to be rich in search of carp are sharper river bends, or their out where river currents hitting the shore and it constantly erodes.
In these positions are regularly found in the water and submerged trees that fish provide shelter and food. The inside of the bend is typically carp less interesting since it is here much less electricity and less depth.
Furthermore, spornjevi (grandmother) built to regulate the river flow, also have very good positions for fishing. Spornjevi are specific for its of variability throughout the season, since most of the steps below offers carp practically all (used to completely empty if the daily catches or mesh on the Coast – need is a quiet place with as little presence of the man).
The spornjevi share monotonous flow of the river at several different river currents that in turn form the river bottom – typically rocky or gravelly while no coincidence that many and clay.
Behind the spice of each midwife there is a zone in which the current vortices and keeps the food being carried, but also creates an area and a relatively great depth, and contrast generally provides more uniform current areas and smaller depth.
However, not all spornjevi as hunting, and some at certain water levels does not contain the potential for some serious fishing.
At lower water levels are generally more interesting they long spornjevi leaving still in the river the nut, while at higher water levels functioning smaller spornjevi in a row behind which fish in high water groups, seeking shelter from the swollen river.
Also good hiding places felled trees, stumps, various bays and holes on the bottom.
Thrown bottom configuration, especially next to the deeper rapids is excellent.
Do not be afraid of fast water, has long been a shabby story of how carp likes calm water with muddy bottom which is absolutely incorrect.
Sometimes I knew hunt river carp over 10kg in the rapids depth of 1 meter which could be interpreted as a hunting story, but this is true.
Choosing a place – the video of feeding is the more important item in this fishery, so it needs and provide the most time during the search and check the bottom.
City Never look to adjust itself and comfort for fishing carp but watch it to be adjusted to the fish, and easily we can arrange a position for us.
If you are not able to find Saranovo where natural habitat and residence, then it is desirable to find a fish path – a path which it moves.
I used to hunt in places where carp absolutely not staying longer is visiting these places only when the food still search and research I came to the conclusion that the upstream and downstream min 500 meters absolutely no any position where he might be hiding.
Simply put carps swim in the morning, day, night, etc .. when you go looking for food, but prevalivši and after several kilometers.
Many will say, and then we can supplemental feeding at every point on the river and he will encounter.
This is completely wrong, and right here is required knowledge of places and the bottom configuration to fish broke the track.
Mostly it to the edge of streams and calm waters where the line mixes for example. silt and gravel, hard bottom, etc ..
Various edge channel or rib at the bottom, next to the place of stronger and deeper rapids, positions along the coast with greater depth and sharp, especially if the coast is inaccessible and overgrown with vegetation.
More about the selection of the position and the systems I wrote here: Select positions – feeding area for carp
but would not be bad to study the little and familiar with the terrain marking etc ..

As for the bait on the seeds are ideal and fish them quickly accepted, but specially treated boilies give predominantly larger fish.
Whatever the bait used bother him to be as little perfumed and more prirodan.Ukoliko decide to boil then you need to boil the river, which is specially treated during the preparation and the ingredients that I do not say that to be superb.
I mix the bait must be attractive while aroma and various odors do not give some results when it comes to the river.
For years chasing the boil Masterbih Premium River that fish incredibly quickly accepted and eaten in large quantities because it is a boil superior quality and ingredients that are necessary for fishing carp healthy and long life.

Boilies to catch on river

Larger specimens rapidly eating quality bait and what is good for them.
Excellent and Corn Special boila smaller diameter and a variety of fruit boilies with mild flavors and aromas.
If you hunt on a cheap boilie that is intended for commercially water, put it simply just good perfumed and drenched to fool carp to the test then you are free to pack up because carp will not, I can freely say (I) hook.
If you catch it may be something small, and the rest of the family when you try this bad bait izbjegavace your maximum nutrient medium.
Quality boila is essential for long-term feeding, gaining confidence with fish.
A cheaper alternative is cooked corn, but the catches are cheaper ..
Many colleagues swear by pickled corn, and I personally shy away from that as far as possible because it is full of toxins – toxins that fish does not like.
Properly fermented and treated corn on the border acidity is ok, but it few know to handle the very complex process.
In addition to the river with plenty of food uncooked corn from which they flee also because I totally suck.
If more father something more corn then I will reduce the cooking time and a little bit harder bait.
To be honest I corn use only during the preparation of the place because I’m getting at the big fish that I catch on boilies.
It has long been silenced her: to boil must be long supplemental feeding the fish accept.
Quality bait fish used to be accepted and for 24 hours, and sometimes it lasts for 5-7 days.
Someone average time to make sure that your boilies probana is about 15 days.
All this depends on the choice of location, which is worse it is necessary and more time, and if it is in the right place + more quality then everything speeds up.
When the water is colder it is desirable to use the bait on the basis of bird food, various biscuits etc .. while in summer and autumn when the water is warm to better provide a variety of meat, fish, etc .. boilies.

fishing carp

The amount of flavor and fragrance reduce by half!
It is good to use feeders during fishing carp, especially food for carp like domestic Masterbih Feeder Carp which is excellent or trusted foreign companies such as Sensas, CCMO, Imperial Baits, Nutrabaits, Mainline, etc ..
Do not use cheap food because this will be achieved only opposite effect!
It is better to give and a bit more money, but have a good bait than the larger amount of bad.
Prepare a bait and insert into it a couple of broken and of whole boilies if you hunt on the same, in the case of corn and a variety of seeds, then insert a number of whole grain and broken the bait and the mass of carp stick feeders.
Tactics and the amount of supplemental feeding:
The amount of supplemental feeding depends from place to place.
It is useless to throw a couple of handful of baits at a place where there are plenty of fish to eat it for the time, a fishing carp does not remain anything.
It is important to estimate the amount of fish and carp about how much you expect to spot.
A measure with which you can not go wrong would be a few buckets of boiled corn and a few hundred boilies in a few days.
More precisely: the first day of much needed food (corn, particles, seeds, etc ..) but later gradually decreases and increases the boil.
Some central tactic recharge for 10 days:
Day 1: 2 cans of corn (one bucket = 7 kg) mixed with various seeds (ratio versus corn seeds to 20:80)
Day 2: 1 bucket
Day 3: 1 bucket
Day 4: 1 bucket with 0.5 kg of whole and broken boilies
5 days: 1 bucket with 0.5 kg of whole and broken boilies
6 days: half a bucket of 1kg of whole and broken boilies
7 days: Pause
8 days: half a bucket of 1kg of whole and broken boilies
9 days: Pause
10 days: around 2 kg of whole and broken boilies
Pause 1-2 days and can start with fishing carp, the first day of fishing carp desirable half a bucket of corn with 100-odd broken and of whole boilies.
This tactic is for a high water with a smaller number of white fish and carp. More precisely, such as the river Bosna.
If it is a large number of fish in the position it is desirable to increase in proportion to the amount.
One of the good catch in the summer is that after 2-3 days of top dressing dive and check on what you have.
If there is no trace of a tad of maize is desirable to increase the amount.
If the sight of the grain then proceed according to plan, and if the quantity big tad lower.
If the seals on the larger rivers such as the Danube Basin and then the amount of primary increase to 2-3 times.
Supplemental feeding on smaller rivers can be made by hand, swimming, tweaked etc ..
Let prevalent method is knead balls to the ground from a molehill and such a throw on the spot.
Supplemental feeding time depends on the time when you plan to fish, but also the multi-day recharge possible and change the habit of the fish when it is fed.
If you want to hunt during the day then be fed early in the morning, if you want to hunt at night then be fed at dusk.
I was fishing one can say routine.
If you hunt on 3 blends the first to reject the stronger power, others in only nutrient medium while the third goes downstream of the feeding stations on 10-15 meters, depending on the speed of the water flow.
Places depend on the configuration of the bottom is hard to find a universal.
It is desirable to hunt hundreds downstream in order to have a low resistance to nylon, but also reduce visibility nylon water in turn, depends on the choice of the spot.

If the fish throws the whole of the water and slaps, then I had quite a bit of taking, or when the goods springs back and dive then expect a bite.
This does not mean, but a lot of time spent fishing carp gave me some answers that do not have, and sometimes mean.
During the fishing carp should be very quiet and it is desirable that you are away from the coast.
If you fish at night light avoid completely, do not start the fire, lamp etc .. if you do not have.
Not throw the coast because every movement produces thunder under water that carp extraordinary sensations.
During preparation, throws or baiting wash your hands, do not smoke cigarettes, etc ..
Saran has felt all over the body and if you feel such. the smell of nicotine that day, you can say goodbye to fishing carp.
River carp are real handcuffs, but at some footage we can see that group of carp from reaching the nutrient medium and one is separated and eating bait while others swim to the side and watch what happens.
If, within a couple of minutes there may be no sudden movements then and they are joining, or if you notice any sudden movement of the saw, suspected from the shore etc .. immediately all flee without a trace.
This happens mostly when a group of big fish come first in the nutrient medium.
If the feeding stations appear bream be sure that they will occur and saran, only a matter of time.
Some old fishermen say that if you have the video bream carp will soon come.
If you feel yourself small white fish such as chub, skobalja, Šljivar etc .. be sure to carp there!
All other fish escapes when a flock of fishing carp from reaching the nutrient medium other than the big bream, which is always at hand.
To all described in detail should print a book, but for now it is enough and this first part to a little entered the river fishing carp.
Each fishing carp over 5kg caught on the river falls into a capital and remains deep in the memory of every fisherman, especially beginners and for this reason, rejoice and keep fish.

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