The Most Endangered Animal Species (VIDEO)

At a time of global warming and frequent human irresponsible behavior, a large number of different animal species becomes endangered.

When talking about threatened species, commonly thought of pandas.

However, according to the Fund for the preservation of life in the wild, although the panda threatened, she does not belong to the group of the most endangered animal species.

The most vulnerable are some other animals, which we are less aware of the threat. Let’s try to meet them.

The Amur leopard

The Amur leopard is one of the most endangered animals of the cat family and is estimated to be at this time only thirty remaining. While it is another name for this animal, the Siberian leopard, except in Russia, it can be found on the wooded and mountainous terrain north of China. It is interesting to mention that these fascinating animals can run at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, as well as to jump 6 meters, long jump and 3 meters in height.

Javan rhinoceros

Javan rhinoceros is an animal whose population accounts for only 35 individuals. In the past this animal inhabited almost the whole of Indochina, and now lives only in a natural park on Java. It is interesting to note that, although the Javan rhinoceros height not exceeding 2 meters, its weight can be as close to 2500 kilograms. Otherwise, the list of endangered species of the Fund for the preservation of life in the wild is mentioned as many as five different species of rhinoceros of which three are critically endangered. Besides the Javan, to black and Sumatran rhinoceros.

The mountain gorilla

The mountain gorilla, as the name suggests, lives in forests of high mountains, at an altitude between 2500 and 4000 meters. What is specific for this type of gorilla is a big koničina fur, which helps them to survive in conditions of low temperature, which may be below 0 degrees Celsius. It is estimated that today about 800 remaining individuals of this species.



Saola, often called the “Asian unicorn”, the general public is a little known animal that can be found in Vietnam and Laos. This unique mammal is one time considered extinct after a survey carried out in 1992. However, Saola was later spotted again, but no one knows exactly what the population of this animal.

South China tiger

South China tiger is an animal that is supposed to exist in the wild, only in zoos. In the early ’50s in the forests of China, there were around 4,000 specimens of this animal, but then by the Mao Cedung regime declared the pest, and are organized campaign that led killing of all of these elegant cats.

Sumatran elephant

Sumatran elephant has been recognized subspecies of the Asian elephant, who lives on the island of Sumatra. This animal, which weighs about 5 tons, it is very useful to the forest ecosystem. Namely, while the food plants, the elephant also blows their seeds, and the vulnerability of this kind threatens to undermine the entire ecosystem. Today it is estimated that in nature there are about 2,500 Sumatran elephants.


Sumatran orangutan

Sumatran orangutan is an animal that lives in the trees of tropical rain forests. In the past, the orangutan could be found throughout Sumatra, as well as much of the island of Java. While today it is present only in some parts of Sumatra. This animal prefers to live in society, often in large groups visiting the plantation of fruits, especially figs. It is estimated that the population of Sumatran orangutans makes about 7,000 individuals.

Sumatran tiger

Sumatran tiger is another critically endangered animals from Sumatra. Despite legal protection he is still extremely endangered, as in Sumatra stubbornly persists market in which to sell parts of this beautiful animal. Otherwise, the tiger is the smallest subspecies of tiger survived, whose weight is around 100 pounds. It is assumed that today Sumatran tiger population numbers less than 400 individuals.

Western lowland gorilla

Western lowland gorilla is widespread because of the large part of Africa, this would at first glance might think that is not compromised. However, precise data show a large and rapidly declining population of these animals. Which in the past 25 years decreased by as much as 60%. Otherwise, this type of gorilla is different from other gorillas at a somewhat smaller size, typical fur darkness brown and maroon chest.


Vakita the endangered species of the family grampus (Mailhe whales). This animal has a length of about one and a half meters, a weight not exceeding 60 kg. Most vakit a gray or black upper body, with a light shade below. Otherwise, vakit endemic species that can be found only in the Gulf of California, and it is assumed that fewer than 200 individuals.


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