Save My Baby! Elephant All Night Long Beg Desperately For Help (VIDEO)

Save my baby, An elephant all night long beg desperately for help when her cub fell into a well – request for help answered villagers. Villagers rescued a small elephant from a well after his mother all night standing beside him. The younger fell into the well under construction when a herd of 60 elephants passed through the area Ramgart in India. All night beg elephant trying to extract her pup.

With her left and a group of elephants. All night and stayed neighbor village Sutras, praying elephants return to the nearby forest without causing major damage. When dawn, people began to gather at the well and the mother calmly walked away towards other elephants behind the bushes nearby.

Several good-natured people who decided to help. “Snipped a few bamboo reeds and put them near the well to prevent elephants if go to us,” says Lakra Macht, one of the villagers. “Down a few reeds and elephant in order to help to maintain the water while coming from the forest police.”

Three hours later arrived at the office with excavator, and align the ground around the well, after which the infant may well turn out to safety.

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