Dolphins Are Not Harmless Toys: See What Look Like Their Attacks (VIDEO)

Injuries that dolphins can make to anybody include fractures, blows and bites, a shot would probably be compared to the onslaught of jet-skis on bathers.

As we have Bobby, both tourist spots around the world have their own living tourist attractions – dolphins.

People are maze, with them dive with them and with them, swim, catch the tail, fins, trying to ride them and generally relate to the dolphins as it was a harmless toy, not wild animals which at any time can cause injuries.

Yes dolphins during interactions with people of the same can hurt warn members of the Blue World Institute, which studies and protection of marine animals.

They add that dolphins are not aggressive animals. On the contrary, often approach people and allow close contact, looking for social interaction that is not exercised by members of their species.

However, once you become an attraction approached them more and more people, who are often rough, leaving no possibility of the animal that it may determine the intensity of the interaction.


“Over time, such an animal becomes increasingly aggressive while trying to” defend “In certain situations, such animals can feel vulnerable, anxious or excited. In addition, our actions dolphins occasionally be perceived as domination or sexual behavior.

Their response time is extremely fast and powerful. Shot tail or head, jump on swimmers, aggressive encroachment, pushing, etc., can in these circumstances apply even life-threatening injuries, “warns the Blue World Institute.

Injuries include fractures, blows and bites, a shot would probably be compared to the onslaught of jet-skis on bathers!

There are also cases when a solitary dolphin swimmers were not allowed to return to shore and were exhausted saving ships.

Solitary dolphins sometimes attack the swimmers pushing them under water, which can cause choking.

One of the most famous example that shows what happens when a dolphin turns into the bad is Irish attraction – friendly dolphin Dusty who is due to injury to people several times was the top story of the world media.

The attack, which you can see in the video, and begins hitting the tail of water female dolphin Dusty plunged head and ran into the kidneys bathers.

According to Irish media during the 14-year friendship with people Dusty is seriously injured several people.

Members of the Blue World report that they and other tourist attractions Stinky in Australia, Donny and Dave in the UK, Moko, New Zealand, JoJo on the islands Caicos after approaching people over time develop aggressive behavior.

We invite you therefore to respect nature and do not endanger wild animals (as they do not jeopardize you).

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