He Brings 3 Dogs And 1 Horse To The Beach, And It’s Incredible To Watch (VIDEO)

He Brings 3 Dogs And 1 Horse To The Beach, And It’s Incredible To Watch.

Prepare to be amazed!

Brian is a life coach, animal lover, and trainer with a unique flair for connecting with horses.

He created “Horses Know The Way Home,” an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of every person by applying the relationship between man and horse, which can potentially be life-changing.

In the video below, prepare to watch in awe as Brian spends a day at the beach with his four incredible animals — Brenda Lee the beautiful horse, Eddie the big yellow dog, Red the big red dog, and Lucy the little Yorkie.

Everything about this video is downright amazing, but what stands out to me most is the hilarious relationship between Brenda Lee and little Lucy.

So, how does this man achieve such balance and respect among the three pups and horse?

“The relationship I have with Brenda Lee is fully based on connection while letting her as free as possible,” he says.

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