Dogs Dream Of Our Face, Our Smell And What We Do With Them During The Day

Dogs dream of our face, our smell and what we do with them during the day.

Scientist Deidre Barrett believes that the substance of dogs in its structure and content most similar to the dreams you dream of people.

Dr. Deidre Barrett, clinical and evolutionary psychologist at Harvard Medical School, who spent her entire lifetime of studying dreams in humans, little is addressed and dreaming man’s best friend – the dog.

She believes that the substance of dogs dream in its structure and content of the dreams of people and the most similar to dogs probably dreaming of their people, their smell or a variety of joint activities. But Barrett says that it is still impossible to know what dogs really see in their dreams.

One of the proofs that truly dream is that sometimes we can hear them barking in sleep or run your feet as you run. Unlike dogs, cats dream about some of your favorite activities such as instinctive like chasing mice.

Dog owners who want their pets have sweet dreams, Dr. Barrett says that is the best recipe for this comfortable place to sleep and a lot of nice activities throughout the day.

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