Does Your Dog Do THIS With You? The Answer Reveals Something Amazing!

Does Your Dog Do THIS With You? The Answer Reveals Something Amazing!

Often times we think we know what our dogs are trying to tell us – but wouldn’t it be awesome if you could actually read their minds or have them talk to you?

Well we can’t teach you how to do either of things (although we’ve seen some talking dogs!) – but we can tell you what certain behaviors mean.

We can’t explain why your dog loves barking at the lamp post outside – but can definitely tell you about some other common things your dog does!

There’s meaning behind each of these behaviors – and I think you might be surprise at some of them! I know I was.

10. Yawning when you yawn! – We know yawning between humans is contagious – but the same goes for dogs! A study has shown that it’s a form of empathy toward one another. Turns out – dogs are more likely to yawn when you yawn, versus a stranger sitting nearby.

9. Lifting their eyebrows! – Most people think dog’s tails are the biggest indicator of emotion, but actually, it’s their facial expressions! When a dog sees their owner, a friend, or some other dog they know – they tend to lift their eyebrows – especially their left. And when they see a stranger – there was only a slight movement of the right brow.

8. Bring you his favorite toy! When pups bring you their favorite toys, it’s not necessarily because they want to play. Turns out – it’s more a gesture of calling you the pack leader. They want to please you. So praise your pooch then have some fun!

7. Cuddling after a meal! If your dog cuddles with you after eating – it’s a true sign of love. It’s them showing you their so grateful for being loved and taken care of.

6. Watching you leave – CALMLY. Just because your dog panics and flips out when you leave, it’s not necessarily a sign of affection. It may actually be a sign of anxiety. When they are calm – it means they trust you and confident you’ll come back.

5. Enjoying your love – Dogs can tell if you’re giving them fake “love” – they have an innate ability to sense emotion. So if you don’t receive love back – it probably means you’re not really giving it. They can tell. That is really amazing.

4. Leaning against you! Sometimes them leaning on you can be a sign of anxiety – but also sometimes affection. Also, if they are leaning you because they are nervous – it’s because they trust you to comfort them.

3. Sleeping in your room! Some people are adamant about not letting their dog sleep on their bed. But honestly – it’s because they love you and want to be near you. It’s a true sign of love and trust.

2. Staring directly into your eyes! When a dog looks you right in your eye while you’re playing with that loving look – it releases a chemical called oxytocin that makes both the human and the dog feel happy. It’s the same chemical that helps babies bond with mothers. Don’t attempt to have a staring contest with your dog out of the blue – they’ll sense the awkwardness and won’t like it. But while you’re playing next time, try to get some natural eye contact. It’s the best!

And lastly!

1. Freaking out when you return! A calm demeanor when you leave is a sign of confidence and trust. But if they freak out when you come back? That means they LOVE you and are SO happy to see you! The truest form of love.

Dogs are the best! They communicate with us in so many ways. Pay attention to these behaviors in your pooch and return the favor, that will be amazing.


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