Dog Helps Keep Owner Alive After Paralyzing Fall Traps Him In Snow For 20 Hours (VIDEO)

What was supposed to be just going for firewood for his owner, turned into a 20 hours fight for life after the older man fell on the ice and broke his neck in front of his own home in Michigan.

64-year-old owner Bob from certain death saved his bitch Kelsey that it is all the time heated and kept awake, lying on his chest and licking his face until he got help. “He had her paw prints on her arms, which means that it is awakened when he fell unconscious. As if he knew she had to stay awake because he was asleep, would not be more awake, “said his daughter Jenny for Today.

On New Year’s Eve Bob is about 22 hours out of the house for more wood for heating. He went out only in slippers and tracksuit when he slipped on the stairs and fell on his back. Immediately it was clear that something was broken because he could not move anything except his shoulder.

Fortunately, next to him was his dog Kelsey, 30 pound Golden Retriever lying on his chest and stomach and is constantly being licked. Doctors believe that thanks to this did not get frostbite. Unfortunately, there’s no outcry barking dog did not summon help because the house from the road is more than 50 meters from the next-door neighbor about 500 meters. The wife was then at the seriously ill parents who nurtured.


Bob assumes that fell unconscious for about an hour before the next day, about 19 hours after a neighbor dropped eggs. His daughter Jenny said she was altogether incredible because the neighbor came literally at the last minute, and the time he went to the hands on New Year’s Eve was sunshine and temperatures around zero.

He was immediately taken to the emergency hospital admission McLaren Northern Michigan in Petoskey, where he was treated for hypothermia and irregular heartbeat. As stated in an official statement the hospital, his body temperature was below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, or slightly more than 20 ° Celsius.

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