What Would Happen If All Cats Disappeared?

Although we believe that pets depend on us, the truth is that we really depend on them. One research shows that the world without cats was considerably different than the World we have known today.

Cats, pets and strays, they can make us think that they depends on the food that they serve the people, but in the words of Alan Beck, professor of veterinary medicine at the University of Purdue, these animals are great predators with the typical behavior of the hunter.

Cats are more important for our planet than thought, experts say. That is, they are important because they love small animals, especially rodents. Killing mice and rats, cats warehouse large amount of dust mites and dirt, and prevent their spread. In India it is believed that a cat killing rodents – pests – ” keep ” a grain which is used as human food. In other words, while it is true that people feed the cats, no dogs in the world, people are the ones who would have no food.

About how much would drastically increase the number of mice in the world testify to numerous studies. In the U K in 1 9 9 7 a scientific study has shown that a cat during the half-year caught about 1 1 animals. This means that nine million cats (how many of them at the time recorded in the U K) catches about 200 million animals a year.

Let us not forget how is the feeling of their owners of the missing cats. One study conducted in the U K shows that there are more cats as pets than dogs. The reason for this is that a household is often grown more cats, while dog owners generally retain at once. Cats are quite prized as pets because of their independence and ease of maintenance. With one word we can say that the people cannot living without cats.

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