We Are Quite Skeptical, But Soon Comes Necklace For Cats That Translates Meows! (VIDEO)

Catterbox, We Are Quite Skeptical, But Soon Comes Necklace For Cats That Translates Meows!

Do you understand what you trying to say your cat meows? We are almost sure that you understand, that is, if nothing else understand meow satisfaction, hunger and related conditions.

Well, the team posing as The Temptations, The Lab, and are described as ‘research team. Who devoted his work developing entertainment supplements that will deepen the relationship with the cat’.

States that IMAU finished prototype device that is able to translate the vernacular cat meows.

The device, which was designed called the CATTERBOX and apparently is able to recognize the type of meow and translate it into human language.

The device is equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, has built-in microphone and speaker that reproduces the human voice, and the whole thing was created in 3D printing.

Over the corresponding applications on your cell phone, you choose the type of voice that will speak your cat.

‘The Temptations Laba this represents your device in the occasional video.

What they failed to explain how the whole thing works, and if you ask us. There’s no way something like that ever comes to life in the functional variants.

Moreover, we are almost sure of what was said.

Anyway, here’s something else promotional clips, and if you’re interested in more details, point your web browser to this link.

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