Why Cats Are So Much Afraid Of Cucumbers? (VIDEO)

Cats vs cucumbers: There is one interesting question: why this silent predator so much is afraid of cucumbers!?!?

Our cubs and tiger with which we live do not have too good an opinion of us – they see us as irrelevant roommates and not very smart cats without hair.

But while it may not grow excessive fear of us, cucumber scare them. What the hell?

Most of the shots where you can see the bizarre fear show owners that cats until they look in their direction behind putting cucumber. Once they saw this vegetable, cats usually respond total panic.

Since there are no images of which have the opportunity to slowly approach the cucumber, it is possible that cats actually respond to an unexpected situation, not green vegetables as such.

Moreover, Dr. Roger Mugford, a specialist in animal behavior, says anything unexpectedly gave exactly the same results. Cats do not like the sudden change and are suspicious when it comes to loud things are moving fast.

Although cucumber does not fit that description, in the case of recordings in which their owners allowed secretly put vegetables behind certainly is an unpleasant surprise.


How are cats in the wild, solitary animals, I’m living with people already have enough confusing. Additional surprises in the form of a cucumber in the middle of the living room is certainly not welcome.

Whenever you see something new and unknown, cats first ask themselves whether they to the enemy, and thus act – are suspicious and cautious. Once you turn out to be harmless cucumber, cat will probably play around with it.

This philosophy of life that is best to trust only in themselves and be always ready to fight the best seen in feline tendencies boxes. Cats in them feel safe because it is clear where the danger will come.

cats vs cucumbers: So please do not scare your cat, let alone cucumbers, but get her nice and big box!

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