Cat starts eating again when she got her babies by her side

Cat Starts Eating Again When She Got Her Babies By Her Side

Stray cats have pretty tough lives, and it can be a hassle to capture them so that they can get the necessary medical treatment to keep them alive.

Feral cats continue to be a big problem, and it’s made even worse when these felines aren’t spayed and neutered.

It only adds to the population, and it can quickly get out of hand. Sophia was a stray cat who was turned in to a local animal shelter. To add to her problems, she was also pregnant.

While in their care, she developed an upper respiratory infection that made her so congested that she refused to eat. That created a problem that needed to be fixed, as her kittens needed nutrition.

They decided that they would provide her with nutrients via a feeding tube. But even after she recovered from her infection, she refused to eat even though she was clearly hungry.

They had to keep a red sweater on her in order to keep the feeding tube in place.

But thankfully, Sophia started eating ravenously again once she gave birth to her kittens.

Four beautiful babies kittens were brought into the world, and Sophia hasn’t left her food bowl since, so much so that she no longer needs the feeding tube at all.

It’s like she knew that everything was finally alright and she could start taking care of herself again.

All in all, it’s a happy story for everyone involved, and once her kittens are old enough and have been weaned, they’ll likely find their own forever homes. Share away, people.

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