You Are Afraid Of Bulldog And Rottweiler? It Might Surprise You Which Breed Most Commonly Bite People

It might surprise you which breed most commonly bite people. When you read that a person bitten by a dog, many think of the “usual suspects”, therefore some of the breeds that we perceive as aggressive. But, like many dog owners know, rude and neglected dog is the one that will most likely attack, not necessarily the one that works most dangerous.

Therefore, some may be surprised to read that breeds most likely to attack a person. According to the insurance company for pets Animal Friends, this is a Labrador, a popular and playful pet that she wanted each family. Behind them are the German Shepherd, bull terriers and collies. Of course, one reason why more bite Labrador is the fact that they are quite popular choice for a pet – since so many of them and you are more likely to bite someone.

In a survey conducted by this house, and passed the Independent, it is stated that the most common victims of dog attacks postmen and different couriers, confirming the old cliché of countless films and sketches. In addition, men are more likely to be the target of attack than women.

breed bite

Psychologist for animals, dr. Roger Mugford, gave some tips for postmen, but also all other interested parties on how to avoid attacks:

– As soon as the prior befriend a dog, the better. If the mailman and the dog a good start relationship, will be friends for life. Dogs really good can smell fear at people – says Mugford who also confirmed that the dogs very much feel if a person is scared.

– It is true that any breed dogs can “smell fear”. The way we move and the way we think, “communicating” the dog’s body language.

Mugford explained why men are more often the target of attacks:

 – Are more likely to be men to be aggressive and defend themselves, which can make things worse and enrage dog. Indeed, the wonder is that we have no more bites considering that dogs the family that live view as to their pack, which must protect – said Mugford.

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