Watch This Baby Mini Horse Chasing People Around (VIDEO)

Watch This Baby Mini Horse Chasing People Around. A video uploaded by YouTube user “S t e r l i n g  B a r t o w” appears to show a three day old miniature horse chasing a man named Sterling around a pen on a farm to the delight of its owners.

In the second video, the baby horse chases the camera and hides between its owners’ legs.

Miniature horses are said to date back to the 1600 s in Europe, where some were bred as pets for members of the nobility class, while others were sent to work in the coal mines.

According to the International Museum of the Horse, in Lexington, Kentucky.

This little one just seems content to prance around, living its best mini horse life.

M i n i  h o r s e s  a r e  p a i n f u l l y  a d o r a b l e … 3  d a y  o l d  m i n i  h o r s e s  w i l l  m a k e  y o u  l o s e  y o u r  m i n d.

This tiny dude tested out his hooves against a guy wearing sandals in the horse pen … galloping around and having a great time until mommy got jealous.

S o  s m a l l … s o  c u t e … s o  w h a t  y o u  n e e d  t o  w a t c h  t o  g e t  o v e r  a  c a s e  o f  t h e  M o n d a y s.

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