Ann Took Him To The Shelter With Tears In Her Eyes. 20 Minutes Later She Saw A Miracle

In Mississippi, Ann has rescued several dogs in the past. One night, she was out walking her dog when she saw something peering from the bush.

Аnn said that they have had several dogs and cats by dropped off in the neighborhood before and figured this was another one, she went in to get some food.

When she returned, a beautiful cat with a white tipped tail came out from under the bush.

Аnn recalled that he was small and looked frail. The kitty ate the food and then left. He returned to the same spot the next night.

Аnn fed the stray night after night, each time, the food bowl was a little closer to the porch.

After a week, the cat was on the porch – in the morning and in the evening! After a month, Ann reluctantly scooped him up and took him to the shelter.

She and her husband already had a dog and two cats. Ann cried all the way home.

For days, Аnn checked the shelter’s website to see if they had put pictures of the cat up there but didn’t find any. The cat had actually escaped 20 minutes after she dropped him off!

One morning, at 5:30 am, Ann heard her husband talking to someone in the kitchen. Who could he be talking to that early in the morning?

When she walked into the kitchen, the cat she saw was the cat she had been feeding – the cat escaped from the shelter to be with her!

Ann cried and welcomed the kitty, named Fancy, into their home – forever.

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